Weronika Kosińska – Wrapping in rainbows

Die polnische Fotografin Weronika Kosińska lebt in Krakau in Polen, ihr Interesse an der Fotografie begann bereits in der Highschool, jedoch interessierte sie sich damals noch mehr für Streetphotography und Porträt.

Heute ist sie ansäßig im Fashion- und Beauty-Bereich und arbeitet u. a. für Kunden wie NIVEA, L’Oréal Professionnel und Marta Samborska Jewellery.


How did you start out in photography? Do you remember your first camera?

Weronika Kosińska:

I started to be interested in photography when I was in high school, but it had nothing to do with fashion or beauty, it was more street photography, portraits. But I always liked taking photos of people the most. I worked on analog cameras and spent some time in darkroom. But after year or two new passions took over and only three and a half years ago I returned to taking photos. And that is when I fell in love in fashion and beauty photography. I got my first camera when I was about eight years old, it was a very simple Kodak. It broke only a year ago!


Would you give a brief walk through your work flow?

Weronika Kosińska:

I try to capture photos as close to what I imagine as they can get, so that postproduction could be a final touch, not just the beginning. I spend some time playing with RAW files and then send pictures to my retoucher Dawid, who is much better retoucher than I am. We understand each other very well by now. I work on my retouching skills, but it takes time and practice – as well as photography (and anything else), so for now I’d rather him to take care of retouching.


How do you pick your models? What kind of features should a model have to work with you?

Weronika Kosińska:

I search the websites of modeling agencies I work with and wait for the magical “click” to come Most of the time I know what kind of model I’m looking for. I adore different kind of beauty, which is good and lets me work with different girls. Lately a lot of my new ideas include blond or redhead models – but not only the ones with a bit dreamy looks.


How much time do you spend taking photos versus retouching photos?

Weronika Kosińska:

Well, it all depends on the shooting, but in case of editorial it takes less time to retouch it than to shoot it. It is also a bit different with beauty, especially closeups, which need a little extra time.


How has your shooting style and work ethic changed in time?

Weronika Kosińska:

It’s hard to say for me, I’m not sure if I can catch the changes myself. But when I think about it, I guess my style became more modern. But I still love colours, that’s for sure, and some kind of harmony which is hard to explain (and sometimes I wish I didn’t like it so much). And work ethic… I think it is still the same. Being myself, being fair and appreciating others is important for me. In my case every picture is a team work.


What is you dream project?

Weronika Kosińska:

I have many of them, but one is my special and very personal. It’s a series of five shootings, called Connections. Every one of them taken in a different country. I already have two – Blackened Kiss (Krakow, Poland) and Written in the Scars (Bucharest, Romania). I would love to shoot the remaining three in London, Madrid and San Francisco. I hope it will happen.



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