Tereza Janakova – The camera cannot lie!

Die Fotografin Tereza Janakova aus Tschechien wohnt und arbeitet in New York. Nachdem sie 10 Jahre lang vor der Kamera stand, wechselte sie nun hinter die Kamera. Bei ihren Arbeiten helfen ihr besonders die Kenntnisse vor der Kamera, wodurch sie sich noch besser in die Models einfühlen kann und so fantastische Bildwerke entstehen lässt.


How did you start out in photography?

Tereza Janakova:

From a very early age, I have always loved taking pictures. I started my career in the fashion industry as a model and was able to travel to many interesting places. I used to carry my little pink digital camera everywhere and take so many pictures. People always seemed to like them.

I can still remember my first formal shoot. Several years ago, after 11 years modeling, I gathered many of my NY model girlfriends for a shoot that I wanted to give as a Christmas gift. It was my first time taking control of a shoot as a photographer and I was hooked. From then on, I have worked very hard, each day to become the type of photographer I would have wanted to work with when I was modeling.


Would you give a brief walk through your work flow?

Tereza Janakova:

To be honest, most of the time is spent planning before the shoot. I like meeting with my team and coordinating the location, the styling, the model’s look, the goals of the shoot, etc. before even stepping foot into the studio. By the time we’re ready to shoot, we’ve already mapped out all the details beforehand.

On the day of the shoot, I like to be the first one to arrive on set. I bring the music and food and try to create a calm and friendly atmosphere so everyone is ready to work efficiently. It’s best to run everyone through all the looks before we get started. I try to minimize distractions wherever possible and that includes keeping everyone on set well fed :)


What has been the biggest influence on you photography?

Tereza Janakova:

I think there are a number of influences over the years. When I was a model, I always enjoyed working with photographers that were well prepared and had a clear direction they wanted to take the shoot.

I also think that traveling to many locations over the years really made me appreciate different cultures and how they can be incorporated into shoots. I aim for simplicity and letting the natural environment shine through into my images.


Do you prefer to photograph in a studio or on location?

Tereza Janakova:

It really depends on the shoot. However, I love studio work because it allows me to create a comfortable environment for everyone to do great work. I try to get our whole team to smile on the set and make sure we make people happy. To simplify the answer, happy people lead to great pictures.


What is the one photograph that you are most proud of?

Tereza Janakova:

Wow, that’s tough to say. There are different things that I like about various images. The biggest constant is when a model says that I brought out the ‘best’ version of her in an image. I strive to have my images tell a story in a simple, refined way. When I get close, there is no better feeling.


What is you dream project?

Tereza Janakova:

I can remember the first time my images were published in a magazine and the excitement that I felt. I would love to shoot a campaign that can be seen in Times Square. I know it sounds silly, but I’d love to stand under the image, with everyone walking around, and just look up.



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