BE PASSIONATE! Im Interview mit Fotograf Mairo Arde

Große Augen und volle Lippen machen den 26jährigen Art Director und Fotograf Mairo Arde aus Santiago, Chile, glücklich. Er liebt es mit außergewöhnlichen Models zu arbeiten, das visuelle Storytelling, um mit diesen Komponenten besondere Editorials zu verwirklichen.

How did you become involved with photography? Do you remember your first camera?

Mairo Arde:

I used to take photos in punk shows, that’s how I became involved with photography. I loved reading punk fanzine’s with a lot of graphic content (photos, illustrations), collecting Cd’s and Vinyls. I was really into the „art“ side of the scene. Punk teach me appreciate art and then I discover photography.

I guess I always was interested in fashion, but never explored that „world“ before. I started doing my own stuff: graphic, kinda weird and artsy shoots, and then clients started to show up. This month, April 2017, I’m celebrating my first year as fashion photographer.

My first camera was a cheap Point and Shoot with a fake fisheye. I think it was a FUJIfilm camera, not sure.


How do you pick your models? What kind of features should a model have to work with you?

Mairo Arde:

I love unique faces, big mouths, big eyes, strong looks. I don’t know, I’m not that into classic things. BUT, I’m from Chile, South America and we don’t have that many options. Yes, models fly from all over the world here but usually very „commercial looking“ ones. For me, models have to be great actresses and be able to give me options, impersonate different moods and looks. And be friendly I guess, that’s important to me and my team too.


Would you give a brief walk through your work flow?

Mairo Arde:

I love to work with moodboards, so everyone is on the same page.

It’s pretty simple:
– Moodboad
– Show the moodboard to the team (makeup, stylist, assistant) via email
– Find the right model
– Find studio or location
– *the day of the shot* Quick talk with everyone, go through the moodboard again.
– Set up the light (less is more for me)
– *at the end of the shoot* quick selection of every look with the team.
– Final selection at home
– Retouching
– Finally submit to magazines.

And when I’m shooting a campaign, an ad or an editorial for a magazine, usually they send me the moodboard and I can propose some changes or came up with my own idea for the shoot.


Are there any photographers whose work and exhibitions you follow?

Mairo Arde:

Not really photographers, but I’m obsessed with Garage Magazine, KingKong Magazine and SickyMag. Oh! Maybe Ace Amir from New York and Tony Kelly from Los angeles.


Any quotes you live by?

Mairo Arde:

mmmm not really, just be nice, be friendly, be kind and give it all. BE PASSIONATE!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Mairo Arde:

That’s a tough one. Traveling a lot, shooting abroad. But I dream with having my own vegan coffee house. I guess I can do both. I don’t know, I just want to travel, meet people and shoot.

Salut, je m'apelle Elle, Visionärin. Ich bin "full of energy", freaky und selbstkritisch. Ich lasse immer mein Herz sprechen, versäume aber nie auch den power-button für's Hirn zu pushen. Ich bin kompromissbereit in wichtigen Dingen und denke oftmals in vielen Dimensionen, was aber für Innovationen und spannende Projekte hilfreich ist. Das World Wide Web mit dem unendlichen Informationsfluss von Neuem fasziniert mich immer wieder. Als meine Passion sehe ich Kunst, Design, Fotografie und Musik. Ich bin genauso unkonventionell wie mein Humor. coultique is my wonderland - frei nach Alice - "Das Unmögliche zu schaffen, gelingt einem nur, wenn man es für möglich befindet".

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