Jang & Kev – Duality

Mit unkonventionellen Techniken und neuen Ideen verwirklichen sich das Fotografen-Duo Jang (Jeremiah Ang) und Kev (Kevin Seow). „Though different in groundings and sensibilities the somehow similar dissimilar vein of humor and quirkiness brought Jeremiah and Kevin together as a Conceptual, somewhat Humorous and Quirky Fashion, Stills Photography Duo“.

Jang, 1984 geboren, besuchte die Filmschule Ngee Ann, bei der die Fotografie ein wichtiger Teil des Lehrplans war. Kev, geboren 1982, besuchte das Kev, geboren 1982, absolvierte ein Studium an der Singapore Management University. Sie lernten sich als Werbe- und Mode-Fotografen bei dem bekannten Geoff Studio, Singapore, kennen. Beide Studenten entdeckten, dass sie sehr gut zusammen arbeiten konnten, was die Basis für eine perfekte Partnerschaft war.


Heute blicken Jang und Kev auf viele Auszeichnungen und Veröffentlichungen z. B. in L’Officiel, Singapur Tatler, Cleo, Elle, Stil, Style Männer, ihre Welt, Weiblich, Mens Folio, Citabella, MR Magazine (Hong Kong), zurück. Zu ihren Kunden zählen u. a. Hewlett Packard, Mastercard, Johnny Walker und die weltweit vertretende Diageo Gruppe. Ihre letzte Ausstellung „The Unfamiliarity of the Familiar“ fand im “ The Arts House“ in Singapore, statt.


How did you start out in photography?

Jang and Kev:

J: I went to film school and picked up photography in foundation year. At that time we were still shooting film, and it was awesome because we would shoot through out the week after lessons and dropped the film in the drop off box and come monday afternoon, there would be boxes of processed slides with our name on it. Sadly though, that was only for a semester, after which there wasn’t any more photography module and I went on to major in sound engineering. After my compulsory military enlistment, I started work in Shooting Gallery, one of Singapore’s biggest photography studio, and it was there that I picked up commercial photography skills like lighting, neat tricks in product photography and even set building.

K: I started photography as a hobby in university, if not for photography I would have love to work in an advertising agency as a creative but the love for photography made me decide to pursue it as a profession and I considered myself really lucky to have work and learn under one of the top advertsing and fashion photography studio here and that’s how I met Jang where from just helping each other out in the beginning, we realised the dynamics and creative potential of shooting together creates a totally different and interesting style of photography unlike our individual style.


How would your define your approach to photography? What is your philosophy?

Jang and Kev:

J: We approach every shoot we do from a very conceptual point of view. From developing a back story to inventing characters, we try to do more than just pose and shoot a pretty face. We believe in trying new approaches and refining the shoot until we achieve something we like. Sometimes the initial image from a light test is below our expectations, but we believe that if we give it room to evolve and improvise, it could end up surprising ourselves.

K: Apart from what Jang has mentioned, we tend to inject elements of dark humour and quirkiness into our concepts, storyboards and characters.
Aesthetically pleasing pictures are dime a dozen, we believe good photography inspires a reaction from the viewer, so be it just a laugh from the quirkiness or humour of your image or initiating a thought or a dialogue with the viewer with our work.

How do you keep yourself motivated and your photography creative, inspiring and fresh?

Jang and Kev:

J: Taking breaks, traveling and day-dreaming.

K: Sometimes inspiration can appear out of nowhere from a random thought and I’ll develop it further from there.
J: get pretty inspired when I watched a good film or hear a good piece of music.


What is your typical camera setup on a shoot? I have no typical camera setup. (That is probably that is typical for me)

Jang and Kev:

J: We typically use DSLRs for editorials and shoots that require mobility, and Medium formats for commercial work. Right now our workhorse is the Nikon D800. We do not fixate ourselves to any brands per say, as long as the camera suits our purposes, we’ll use it.


What is your dream project?

Jang and Kev:

J: My dream project is to direct hundreds of people in a huge huge huge huge set. And create back stories for as many one of them as possible. Kinda like a „Where’s Wally“ illustration come to life.

K: I have accumulated a no of little dark humour series in my head overtime, I want to link all these seemingly totally unrelated images into a Butterfly Effect sorta story/photo book.


Many thanks to Jang and Kev – it’s an honor for us to present more about you works!


Salut, je m'apelle Elle, Visionärin. Ich bin "full of energy", freaky und selbstkritisch. Ich lasse immer mein Herz sprechen, versäume aber nie auch den power-button für's Hirn zu pushen. Ich bin kompromissbereit in wichtigen Dingen und denke oftmals in vielen Dimensionen, was aber für Innovationen und spannende Projekte hilfreich ist. Das World Wide Web mit dem unendlichen Informationsfluss von Neuem fasziniert mich immer wieder. Als meine Passion sehe ich Kunst, Design, Fotografie und Musik. Ich bin genauso unkonventionell wie mein Humor. coultique is my wonderland - frei nach Alice - "Das Unmögliche zu schaffen, gelingt einem nur, wenn man es für möglich befindet".

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