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Heute präsentieren wir Euch in unserer Serie „Models we love“ Julie Jolie.

Age: 33
Love or money: Both! You need love and money makes the life easier in every way. So what can be more perfect than an easy happy life full of love?
My style is most inspired by… the different styles I‘m trough myself. Berlin is very inspiring to me. too. I like the street style but also sporty looks and my all time fav is the urban casual look of 90ies Rnb girlgroups. Hope I don‘t sound too weird but I think you know what I mean. Crop tops, bucket hats, Timbs, big hair.. the whole package.. ;) I like shopping at ASOS and Urban Outfitters.


Describe yourself: Happy, disciplined, focused, peace-loving, down to earth, curly, sporty, always busy, never bored.

Which cover…

Julie Jolie:

I always like the most actual covers because these are the ones that show me I‘m on a good way NOW. I rarely look back. Next month I‘m gonna be on the cover of the LIQUID mag and I‘m already exi- ted and thankful for the support.


Best Advice for castings…

Julie Jolie:

Just don‘t go to castings! The best jobs I ever had I got about recommendations, word of mouth and personal initiative.


How I keep my body and soul in check…

Julie Jolie:

I eat whatever I like but always in moderate servings. I run a lot and go to the gym, but i really don‘t exaggerate at all. I could never ever starve just to be in shape. My friends and family give me peace of mind and I listen but I don‘t care too much about the opinion of strangers. Keep your circle small and selected, that helps.


If I wasn’t modeling, I’d be…

Julie Jolie:

exacltly the same but just not modeling.. ;)


On a typical Saturday night, you can find me…

Julie Jolie:

having a dance show or if I‘m free on the couch with my boy- friend. My party animal time is over.


One thing I couldn’t live without…

Julie Jolie:

My family & friends, my dog, being myself.


My perfect day…

Julie Jolie:

long sleeping, cuddling, kissing, breakfast in bed, going out being at a warm sunny place, finally have no plans and just let the day happen..


height: 173 cm
suite size: 36
bust: 90
waist: 64
hips: 91
shoes: 37
hair: brunett and annoying curly!
eyes: green

model agency:
I don‘t work exclusively, but every good offer is welcome.

Hannes Windrath
Alexei Bazdarev
A. Schmidt
Gioacchino Dell Erba

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Salut, je m'apelle Elle, Visionärin. Ich bin "full of energy", freaky und selbstkritisch. Ich lasse immer mein Herz sprechen, versäume aber nie auch den power-button für's Hirn zu pushen. Ich bin kompromissbereit in wichtigen Dingen und denke oftmals in vielen Dimensionen, was aber für Innovationen und spannende Projekte hilfreich ist. Das World Wide Web mit dem unendlichen Informationsfluss von Neuem fasziniert mich immer wieder. Als meine Passion sehe ich Kunst, Design, Fotografie und Musik. Ich bin genauso unkonventionell wie mein Humor. coultique is my wonderland - frei nach Alice - "Das Unmögliche zu schaffen, gelingt einem nur, wenn man es für möglich befindet".

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    Wow would’ve never guessed she was 33

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