Das rockt! Happy Camper

Heute mal in einer für mich ungewohnten Kategorie, aber als ich darauf aufmerksam gemacht wurde, war ich sofort hin und weg.

Wenn Ihr den Titel gelesen habt denkt ihr sicherlich, es kommt schon wieder etwas über Wohnwägen oder dergleichen, aber da liegt ihr dieses Mal vollkommen falsch. Obwohl im Zusammenhang mit Wohnwägen die Niederlande eine nicht ganz unwichtige Rolle dabei spielt (jaja ich weiß, Vorurteile gegenüber unseren holländischen Nachbarn und ihre Wohnwägen sind nicht mehr lustig). Happy Camper ist also kein Hersteller von Wohnwägen sondern eine Musikgruppe. Genauer gesagt handelt es sich bei diesem ungewöhnlichen Projekt um folgendes:

What has the Music project Happy Camper to do with a yeti by the name of Manfred? Happy Camper is a music project by Job Roggeveen. He composed an album full of sunny chansons with sultry gypsy sounds. But Job is not the only Happy Camper, eleven singers camp with him and perform his songs. So many singers, so who’s the frontman? That’s Manfred, the ever camping yeti! Manfred stars in the campaign that has been set up by studio Job, Joris & Marieke. Manfred can be found on the album cover, posters, cards, he has the leading part in the music video and teasers and he even sends postcard to his fans from his campsite addresses.

Ich hatte die Möglichkeit Job einige Fragen zu stellen:


What’s the idea behind this project and when did you start?

Describe your style of music!


The idea of Happy Camper started three years ago as a small music project which became huge. I (Job Roggeveen) am a musician, I play keys in the indie band El Pino & The Volunteers. While performing at all different kind of venues with all kind of different dutch bands, I came to the idea to make an album with for every song a different singer

The songs had to be pop songs that were as compact and melodic as possible and sung by a wide range of singers with all the best influences from all over Europe. Everything from the West coast?s warm, graceful chansons to the sultry style of Gypsy music from the East. The songs also had to embody the ambiance found in only the most melancholic film soundtracks.

But this was just the idea. I asked eight of his musician friends to also take part to help his idea come to reality. To create the perfect atmosphere mostly acoustic instruments were used, with a focus on piano, violin, clarinet & trumpet (musicians include Kyteman, Diederik Rijpstra, Sietse van Gorkom and Edward Capel).

Why did you chose the yeti as your frontman and why did you name it Manfred?


I wanted to make a project that went beyond just music. A large part of Happy Camper is animation. Together with with Joris Oprins & Marieke Blaauw, I got my own animation studio: Job, Joris & Marieke and here  the idea of Manfred was born. Manfred, a friendly yeti, is the mascot of Happy Camper and can be found popping up in video clips, CD covers, on the website etc.

Manfred also knows that camping on your own is quite boring -that’s why I started a search for the perfect guest singers. Not only did I want to have a broad range of unique voices from the Dutch music world, they have to fit perfectly with each individual song. I also wanted to take each of these singers out of their familiar environments, just like camping!

Manfred nur ein Opfer?? Seht selbst!

[vimeo video_id=“19438210?ab“ width=“500″ height=“300″ title=“Yes“ byline=“Yes“ portrait=“Yes“ autoplay=“No“ loop=“No“ color=“00adef“]

Where did you find all the guys for the project?

(Klick: Songs and Singers)


I asked a lot of great dutch singers to join in on my camping adventures. None other than Tim Knol, Ricky Koole, Odilo Girod (Coparck/Chop Wood), Janne Schra (Room Eleven/Schradinova), Leine, Bouke Zoete (The Kevin Costners), Helge Slikker (Storybox), Johannes Sigmond (Blaudzun), Marien Dorleijn (Moss) and David Pino & Appel from my own band El Pino & the Volunteers decided to come along. Their voices didn’t just fit to the songs, they made them. And so after three years of work, the idea has became reality. In terms of both music & animation, Happy Camper has turned out to be quite aunique dream world that I had imagined. Holiday stories have never been this special.

Are you planning on giving some concerts?


Yes, at first I thought it would be impossible to perform with so many singers. But then I thought, why don’t I just try? So we performed at Noorderslag which is the festival in Holland where you can find all the new bands. The whole Dutch music industry is there. We got great reviews, so that was the right stimulant to go on. After that we did two theater shows and we’re doing some more this month. And the greatest thing is, we’ll be playing at the Lowlands festival, the greatest festival for indie music in Holland. (Klick)

Es ist wirklich eine locker leichte Art von Musik bei der es sich auf jeden Fall lohnt, einmal genauer hinzuhören.

[vimeo video_id=“19516761″ width=“500″ height=“300″ title=“Yes“ byline=“Yes“ portrait=“Yes“ autoplay=“No“ loop=“No“ color=“00adef“]

Thanks a lot (dank u wel) Job!

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