TRIWA – Hine

Der in Berlin ansässige und multilateral talentierte Damien elroy Vinegaux hat hier für die schwedische Marke Triwa, die bekannt für ihre erstklassigen und vielfältigen Armbanduhren und Accessoires sind, ein außergewöhnliches und kreatives Video-Projekt umgesetzt.


Looking through the content of your website, it is evident that you have developed through different mediums. What do you favor for still imagery, as well as for video?

Damien Vignaux:

I favor change, no matter the medium. I like to experiment with new ideas and techniques. And I wouldn’t set any priorities when I do believe media feed each other.

How do you use your compositional techniques to project your intention onto the viewers?

Damien Vignaux:

This project really is a composition exercise, I’m trying to break down everything I do in design and photography and film on separate layers for years and bring it all together in a cross media aesthetic that would kind of summarize the way I see and experience things. It’s quite challenging but I felt after so many directions that I had to try and generate a solid identity line out of it all. So I came all the way back to collage, one of the first art forms I experienced, to bring it all together. Only now I’m developed enough to do collage out ouf my own materials (shootings, 3D, textures…) so it’s 100% me.


How do you pick your topics?

Damien Vignaux:

It’s emotional, I have a very visual thinking and I need to be able to visualize epic things. Also I try and aim for efficiency, I try to find something that can have a great impact in a short time, something everybody can relate to. Then my work gets very layered I guess, there is this first impact, and I interlace levels of symbolics and meanings in the way I frame and compose.

What inspired you to make this great video?

Damien Vignaux:

I wanted to work on a creation myth because it’s also a personal projection at this point of my researches.

I found this Mauri myth (a tribe from New Zealand) explaining how the world was created in their culture :
Rangi was the sky father and his wife was the mother earth, Papa. At the beginning of time, Rangi, the male sky, and Papa, the female Earth, were entwined in a static embrace. Rangi wanted with this embrace to prevent the creation of the world.

Their divine children, like Tangaroa the god of the sea, could not escape. The trapped gods tried in vain several times to separate from their parents. Tane, the god of the forest, pushed away his father with his head and his mother with his feet, and finally succeeded.He then set the Sun and the Moon, and decorated the heavens with stars. Tane was also the one who created the first woman, called Hine, whom he married. Their children were the first Polynesian people.

Tane created the world by giving the impulse of movement in a static scheme, and inhabited this world with a beautiful woman who was the living link between the gods and the people.
This was the starting point of the whole thing.


Directed and animated: Damien Vignaux //
Produced: //Doity
DOP: Philip Reinhold
Make-up: Stefan Kehl
Music: D.L.I.D /Dick Laurent Is Dead
Model: Natascha (SEEDS)


Salut, je m'apelle Elle, Visionärin. Ich bin "full of energy", freaky und selbstkritisch. Ich lasse immer mein Herz sprechen, versäume aber nie auch den power-button für's Hirn zu pushen. Ich bin kompromissbereit in wichtigen Dingen und denke oftmals in vielen Dimensionen, was aber für Innovationen und spannende Projekte hilfreich ist. Das World Wide Web mit dem unendlichen Informationsfluss von Neuem fasziniert mich immer wieder. Als meine Passion sehe ich Kunst, Design, Fotografie und Musik. Ich bin genauso unkonventionell wie mein Humor. coultique is my wonderland - frei nach Alice - "Das Unmögliche zu schaffen, gelingt einem nur, wenn man es für möglich befindet".

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