Masterpiece 2.0 – An interactive stop motion animation project

Kunst hat nicht immer etwas mit Pinsel und Leinwand zu tun. Auch die Kunst orientiert sich mehr und mehr an den neuen Medien wie Internet. Heute zeige ich euch ein schönes Beispiel dafür!

Masterpiece 2.0 is a social media art project by Baschz and Selfcontrolfreak and the first ever unique painting made with a Web 2.0 approach.

Die Idee dahinter ist eigentlich recht simpel. Besucher der Website haben die Möglichkeit, das Projekt selbst mitzugestalten, indem sie mit der Hauptfigur interagieren. Dabei haben sie unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten: Die können Objekte einbauen, die können die Hauptfigur neu einkleiden, usw. Den Ideen sind fast keine Grenzen gesetzt.

Das ganzen kann dann live auf der Homepage 24/7 verfolgt werden. Wird eine Geste oder ein Objekt eines Zuschauers eingebaut, dann bekommt er als Belohnung ein signiertes Bild seiner Szene.

Ich hatte die Möglichkeit, Baschz ein paar Fragen zu stellen.

Tell us something about your Person!

I’m Baschz. I’m an omnimedial artist, designer and curator from Rotterdam.
I love working in many different fields, which means i draw, paint, shoot,
build, wreck, but mostly play … very often adding interaction and combining
the analogue and digital worlds while doing so.

I’m a co-founder of and curator for the SingerSweatShop and Mañana, two
exhibition spaces for young artists in the centre of Rotterdam. Together
with Crackrock i founded Betamaxxx, wreaking havoc through the beginning
of this here millenium, and as part of the Tictoc Slipperpappies arts-and-party
crew we have made many a Rotterdamese night special, if we may say so

The Masterpiece 2.0 project I did with good friend, fellow Tictocian, and
interaction designer extraordinaire Selfcontrolfreak (Oli4 Otten), who is
best known for his interactive short movies on,
of which he is now in the process of creating a longer running movie. So keep
on the lookout for that!

What’s the idea behind the masterpiece project?

The idea behind Masterpiece 2.0 was to create a crowdsourced interactive
online experience around the creation of a both analogue and digitally
existing artwork. Together with the visitors of the website – as it was taking
shape – It was a croudsourced & crowdfunded project, for a small fee people
could add an object or even themselves into an animating painting.

The Masterpiece 2.0 website has now turned into an overview of what has
happened during the project, mainly showing the digital outcome in the
form of a video of the stop-motion animated canvas, but it also shows the
making of video, pictures and webcam time-lapse movies of the whole

When the project was still running the website was a different place. There you
could opt for one of the different forms of interaction with the leading
character on the canvas, Selfcontrolfreak. There you could follow everything
going on in my studio through a 24/7 live webcam feed and of course see
the animation itself growing, one handpainted frame at a time.

[vimeo video_id=“9793014″ width=“500″ height=“300″ title=“Yes“ byline=“Yes“ portrait=“Yes“ autoplay=“No“ loop=“No“ color=“00adef“]

Mehr Infos gibt es hier:

Thanks a lot Baschz!

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