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Victor Dias, erst 18 Jahre alt, aus Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien, beschreibt sich selbst so: „I’m 18 years old, taurus, designer, chef, movie buff, bipolar, impulsive, romantic and silly. Pleasure Victor Dias.

Man spürt in seinen Arbeiten die Passion, die Genauigkeit, die Wertigkeit, seine Werke perfekt zu präsentieren.

First I’d like to ask you when did you become interested in graphic and illustration?


I think I was born liking art and pop culture in general. In 1999 I started a course of web design with 12 years and loved to spend hours creating layouts, loved those color tables and codes. Then I did other courses of a web until my teacher told me I took way to graphic design (my sites were not unconventional) then started to take courses toward the area of ??creative advertising and graphic design and really discovered my passion

What are your influences?


My influence comes from my days basically. I love movies, music and coming of them are big part of my inspiration. I like the reinterpretations of classic children’s stories, watch music, video clips, go to museums and fashion shows and oh cooking is something that inspires me a lot too

How is an idea born? For you, what is inspiration?


Like I said earlier my inspiration comes from what I live every day. Ideas are born almost without realizing it, sometimes I’m in a store or talking to friends and I saw something, or someone said that marked some time and it ends up being reflected in my work later.

For me inspiration is something that will transform you do well, something you saw or like, a message is good for you or is just interesting in their point of view and to create something new that, something that is also interesting for other people

What are your project for 2012?


Em 2012 pretendo me especializar mais no que eu faço. Acho que nunca chegarei a perfeição ou a um ponto que eu diga que não preciso mais estudar ou pesquisar, perfeição não existe, sempre temos algo novo para aprender ou melhorar e esse é meu projeto, aprender mais e criar mais.

2012 plane ich mehr mich zu spezialisieren. Ich denke, es wird nie möglich sein eine Vollkommenheit zu erreichen oder an einen Punkt zu kommen, wo man nicht mehr studieren, forschen muss. Perfektion gibt es nicht, es gibt immer etwas Neues zu lernen oder zu verbessern. Mein Lebensprojekt heißt mehr zu erfahren und zu schaffen.

Weitere Arbeiten!

Victor Dias: I’m coultique because…I like being on the inside of what happens and learn new things. It is to be designer, is to be creativ!

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