Window to the soul! Im Interview mit Fotografin Agata Serge

Die Kreativität war schon seit jungen Jahren ihr Begleiter, was einst der Buntstift war, wurde zur Kamera. Mit ihren Portraits fängt sie soviel mehr ein als nur Personen – ihre Portraits sind geprägt von viel Emotion.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What sparked your interest in photography? Have you had any formal training or is it just talent and practice?

Agata Serge:

It is a bit difficult to describe what was the real spark. Since I was a kid I used to pencil draw a lot, I guess in some point Ive changed the pencil to a camera. I think this is where my love for black and white photography came from. I havent had any training so far, however I am about to start my 1st year master degree in photography in the best film school in Poland this October.


What makes a really great portrait?

Agata Serge:

Emotions. During the portrait session I spend a lot of time on talking, which allows me to build a picture of the person I am working with. That helps me to capture that image and emotions in my photographs. It is certainly much more of a challenge, ultimately giving the most satisfaction.


How much time do you spend taking photos versus retouching photos?

Agata Serge:

Retouch is an essential part of the photograph and I spend on both as much time as it is needed to accomplish satisfying effect.


What is your typical camera setup on a shoot?

Agata Serge:

I usually work with Canon 6D with 50mm 1.4 lens mounted. However I always have with me few other cameras such as Polaroid SX70 or vintage graflex. I am a huge polaroid fan.


What is your dream project?

Agata Serge:

I am currently working on the long-term project, photographing women with freckles around the world. I have visited Germany, Netherlands, France, England and Costa Rica so far. My biggest dream is to continue the freckles series and visit many more places in search for new interesting faces to photograph.


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