Rocío Ramos – Fashion photography is my passion!

¡Hola España! Ihre Passion spürt man in jedem einzelnen ihrer Bilder. Die spanische Fotografin Rocío Ramos studierte Fotografie. Sie lebt in Marid und arbeitete seit ihrem Studium weltweit als Fashion Fotografin.

Zu ihren Klienten zählen ELLE Mexico, ELLE Croatia, L’OFFICIEL, Marie Claire Mexico, Máxima Portugal und viele mehr.


How did you become involved with photography? Do you remember your first camera?

Rocío Ramos:

I first started taking photos, I guess as everybody when we were kids, but I didn’t realize how important was going to be for me.

I studied Fine Arts at the University, with the aim of becoming a painter, but finally I discovered photography in class. We worked analog photography, and it was like magic. I found it my way of communicating because it was a fast way of telling what I wanted.

My first camera was an analog canon. I don’t remember the model.


What interested you about becoming a photographer?

Rocío Ramos:

The most important thing for me is ART, in every single shoot I want to make art and transmit with each story. I think thats the most important difference between being a good photographer or being just another one.


How do you pick your models? What kind of features should a model have to work with you?

Rocío Ramos:

I usually search the one that transmits me something, not a normal beauty but a special face, with strength and power on her eyes.


How much time do you spend taking photos versus retouching photos?

Rocío Ramos:

It depends on the kind of story, if it’s location or studio.. But I guess it takes longer to shoot than retouching.


Where do you find inspiration to make your photographs?

Rocío Ramos:

Paintings, other photographies, walking around cities, reading and watching films. And also dreaming sometimes if I’m lucky! hehe.


Imagine there are no limits or obstacles before you. Which model and which enviroment do you mostly want to work with?

Rocío Ramos:

I would love to shoot Shasha Pivovarova in New York City, that would be amazing!!

Um up-to-date zu bleiben könnt Ihr Rocío Ramos über Instagram, Facebook und Twitter folgen. Weitere fotografische Werke von ihr findet Ihr auf ihrer Webseite.

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