Nikolay Tikhomirov – Weightless & Lightness

Nikolay Tikhomirov, geb. 1987, ist Ingenieur in Moskau, aber auch ein junger und gefragter Fotograf, der es versteht seinen Bildern Magie zu verleihen.

Schon seit jeher sind wir Menschen von dem Zustand der Schwerelosigkeit fasziniert. Manche fühlen das Schweben in ihren Träumen, suchen es real in einer Spa Kapsel, vielleicht auch im Roten Meer oder sind so fasziniert von den schwerelosen Astronauten, dass sie bei einem Parabel-Flug mit an Bord sind. In wunderschönen Fotografien hat Nikoay Tikhomirov den Zustand Floating visualisiert, aber dies ist nur eine Form seiner Fotografie.


Nikolay Tikhomirov! What is he like?

Nikolay Tikhomirov:

Diverse, open, with his vision of beauty in general.


How did you start out in photography?

Nikolay Tikhomirov:

From the engineer technologist to the photographer – I never thought of still images, but one survey to friends on amateur camera turned the interests and priorities of sight to operate.


What has been the biggest influence on your photography?

Nikolay Tikhomirov:

Music is an integral part of my life, which coincides with the rhythm of the heartbeat, the mood of my work. Creativity, in our time, the only currency that will never depreciate.


Could you tell us some more about your work and especially about the floating women. How was the idea born?

Nikolay Tikhomirov:

The shooting process is more spontaneous, but traditionally warm atmosphere, where images are produced by the museum, which paints a picture in my head, and the artist in turn is embodied in reality.

My project of „Weightlessness“ – the desire to translate the dream, there – where there is no framework of society, cities and boundaries for imagination. Earthiness of everyday life – an open mind and prose to give up and do not see all the opportunities that life presents us! Zero Gravity project is designed to show people that the person is able to ease to float in the air really, filled with colorful beads of happiness, love, and for the beauty of every day, waking up in the morning, stretching its wings, which give a sense of freedom to implement life in general.


What is your life motto?

Nikolay Tikhomirov:

Do not stay on the runway, leave the burden of stones to the sea floor, feet on the ground!

Большое спасибо!


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