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Nick Veasey, geb. 1962 in London hat sich als britischer Fotograf auf die Erstellung von X-ray Bildern spezialisiert. Er zeigt die innere Schönheit, eindrucksvolle Bilder von Menschen, Tieren, Pflanzen und Gegenstände. Diese faszinierende Bilder erfordern außergewöhnliche Maßnahmen, Vorbereitungen und Sicherheitsvorkehrungen. Wie der bekannte britische Fotograf arbeitet, wie eine Coca Cola-Dose seine Fotografie beeinflusste und was Röntgenaufnahmen mit einer Boing 777 zu tun haben und mehr im Coultique Interview.

Nick Veasey arbeitete zuvor im Werbe-und Design-Bereich in der konventionellen Fotografie. Seine Arbeiten sind in zahlreichen internationalen Werbekampagnen präsent. Er erhielt zahlreiche Foto-und Design-Auszeichnungen und seine Kunstwerke werden in Ausstellung in Europa, Nordamerika und Asien ausgestellt. Zu gerne würde ich auch eine solche Exhibition besuchen, denn mit einem hochentwickelten Röntgengerät vermittelt uns Nick Veasey ungeahnte Einblicke.


How did you start photography, specially x-ray?

Nick Veasey:

My break with x-ray came about when I was asked to create an image for a TV show. They were running a sales promotion for a popular cola drink. One can had a hidden letter worth $100,000. The TV company’s brief was how can we cheat – how can we discover which can has the magic letter. So I x-rayed lots of soda cans. At the same time I x-rayed my shoes (and other stuff). That shot of the shoes I was wearing that day is still one of my all time favourite images.


What equipment and software do you make use of in your workflow?

Nick Veasey:

I use an X-ray machine by ‚Comet‘ which goes up to 225KV it has two focal point, small 0.4mm and large focus 1mm. My studio contains several Mac computers, silkscreen printing machines a gigantic drum scanner where the Sheet film is scanned. There is a small team of experts behind the scenes.
My work method is similar in principle to a hospital system. One of my machines is much more powerful than hospital equipment, but what really sets me apart is thefact that I x-ray for multiples of minutes where in hospitals they x-ray for a fraction of a second. So I use lots of radiation when making my art.


In your creative projects you must be carefull. Which safety measure are important?

Nick Veasey:

Radiation is dangerous. I am licensed by the British government to own and operate x-ray equipment. My machinery operates in a fail-safe system that stops me, or anyone else, being exposed to radiation. My long-term objective is to leave behind the greatest collection of x-rays ever. So dying is not on the agenda at the moment!


How does your job as an Photographer influence your life? Do you feel that you see things around you differently for example?

Nick Veasey:

I find myself considering most things in x-ray vision. I can make educated guesses as to what things look like in x-ray. So many things that I come across tempt me to pick them up and x-ray them that I get distracted from any particular themed project I may be working on.


In your Biography it says that your „biggest“ project was a life-size Boeing 777. Please tell us a little bit about this project!

Nick Veasey:

That plane is my most complex shot to date. It was over 500 separate x-rays and took 3 months. A typical project takes about 1 week from start to finish. If it is a personal project without a commercial deadline then I’ll keep working on it until I think it is right. It has to be as good as it can be.


Für Liebhaber seiner Fotografie möchte ich auf die erste Sammlung von Bildern in Hardcover-Format, dem Buch: X-Ray – Die Schönheit des Verborgenen“ im Verlag Collection Rolf Heyne erschienen, aufmerksam machen. Es handelt sich um eine Sammlung von X-ray Bildern und Experimenten in einem Zeitrahmen von 13 Jahren.


It’s a great pleasure: I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to interview you, Nick!


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