Henrik Adamsen – King of the Lens

Henrik bedeutet so viel wie „der reiche Herrscher“, meines Erachtens nach müsste der dänische Modefotograf der Herr der Linse heißen.

Henriks Karriere begann in den frühen 90ern als Retoucher, bevor er sich im Bereich Grafikdesigner und als Art Director austobte. Der Schritt zum Fotografen war eindeutig in die richtige Richtung, heute produziert er kreative sexy und provokante Fashion- und Beauty-Kampagnen.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What sparked your interest in photography? Have you had any formal training or just talent and practice?

Henrik Adamsen:

I’ve not had any formal training.. I’m a retoucher and graphics designer by education. So i guess it’s what you’d call talent and practice.. My interest in photography has been there ever since i started retouching, wanting to be on the other side of that.. taking the picture. But it didn’t actually become reality until about 10 years later. In those 10 years i’ve been a retoucher, artworker, art-director and graphics designer and then phtographer. So i guess you can say I’ve been through a lot before landing here.


What is your typical camera setup on a shoot?

Henrik Adamsen:

I shoot with one of two setups..

Either (mostly studio-work) i shoot with PhaseOne DF645s with IQ140 digital backs..

Or for more out-doors-type shots i use Nikon 800E cameras.. Lately i’ve leaned towards the Nikon option a lot more. I like the flexibility that it gives me when i work.


How would you describe your current work?

Henrik Adamsen:

Like most work i’ve done in the past few years.. A bit more messy and fucked up than you’d find in most other photographers work, i guess? I like to make the shots look like you’re actually there.


How do you keep yourself motivated and your photography creative, inspiring and fresh?

Henrik Adamsen:

Well – never being 100% happy with my own shots does a lot – i think. Not being a person who is over-confident and too much (i hope) up my own ass – I always tend to look at my own work in a very critical manner. I guess that keeps me on my toes more. I always approach work with a certain amount of humility – I think that’s important. Plus it helps when you’re working with clients or models – that you don’t seem like a complete asshole 🙂


What is you dream project?

Henrik Adamsen:

My dreamprojects are shoots where i get to travel to a location that just lends itself to the image. And where the clients know me well enough to just let me do my thing.. But i guess that’s what everyone wants .. isn’t it? 🙂

I don’t have particular magazines that i’d love to do .. I guess it comes when it comes – and i’ll just happily accept it when it does 🙂



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