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Die Frage bei der Vielzahl an diversen Diäten ist, ob es sich dabei noch um die Findung des persönlichen Schönheitsideals handelt oder ob Konzerne, Medien und Idole einen schon regelrechten in den Schönheitswahn treiben?

Man ernährt sich saisonal und regional, treibt mehrmals die Woche Sport und wenn es dann doch nicht ganz zu den Traummaßen reicht oder man mal über die Strenge geschlagen hat, legt man einfach einen Diät ein. Wie viele unterschiedliche Diäten es gibt und auf welche die Stars setzen, seht ihr in der Serie „Still Diet“ vom italienischen Fotografen Dan Bannino.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What sparked your interest in photography?

Dan Bannino:

I’m a 27 years old photographer based between Italy and the south of France. Last year I’ve decided to quit my full time job in London (as product photographer) to work on my own projects.


Tell us something to your way of thinking and acting for your work “Still Diets”?

Dan Bannino:

I started this project because I’m fascinated by food and everyday life. These shoots are showing an open window on a table left after a completion of a meal. As reflected in the series‘ title, I’ve tried to capture the beauty that lies in this terrible constriction of diets and deprivation, giving them the importance of an old master’s painting. My aim was to show how this weirdness hasn’t changed even since the 15th century.


Would you give a brief walk through your work flow?

Dan Bannino:

Every time I’m working on a new series there’re days of research for the objects involved in my photos and they’re all related to articles and news I found on internet or reading magazines. Then it comes the actual part of the shooting, I’m in my studio, with all this pile of objects and ideas and I start to organise the scene for my pictures, trying to give more importance to one element over another with lights. As a art lover I’m always spending most of my free time in museums and galleries, and this is where the old masters paintings‘ fascination came from.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Dan Bannino:

I’d like to see myself working on some more new and exciting projects, showing my work to more and more people. And of course having the chance to travelling that part of the world that I’ve still have to know.

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