Caesar Lima – Telling stories without a word

Seine Passion ist die Fotografie! Der brasilianische Fotograf Caesar Lima absolvierte ein Studium zum Bachelor of Arts in Advertising und entdeckte so seine Liebe zur Fotografie.

Er assistierte mehreren Fotografen und kam 1984 zu den Olympics nach LA und verliebte sich in die Stadt. Seit 1985 lebt und arbeitet fest in Los Angeles und hat dort auch sein Studio. Für seine Leistungen hat er mehrere diverse Auszeichungen erhalten.

Caesar arbeitet größtenteils im Bereich Beauty und Fashion-Fotografie und teilweise auch still life. Er liebt es mit einem großen und kreativen Team, aus Models, Make up artists, Stylists, Hair people und Art directors, zusammen zuarbeiten.


How does your job as an photographer influence your life? Do you feel that you see things around you differently for example?


I’m very visual, I enjoy good design and for me it’s like an obsession, everywhere I look I see myself paying attention to the scenery around me, to the lighting, to what people are doing… I always carry a camera with me. Been a photographer it really changes your perception of everything, I’m always hunting for an unique image.


When you move from being behind the lens, what do you enjoy most?


I enjoy soccer – watch and play, love movies but interacting with people is amazing, I’m a good listener I love to hear stories, everybody has something to tell… and everybody has their own perception about everything, very interesting…


How important is it for a photograph to tell a story and how do you relate to your audience?


It’s a huge challenge to tell a story without words and a photograph doesn’t tell you everything always leave something to the your interpretation, that’s the cool part, when I shoot I don’t think about my audience, I just shoot what I feel is cool and sensual and I know somebody will appreciate, I want to be true to what I’m feeling don’t want to be influenced on what people expect me to shoot, I need to reinvent my self very often. I don’t think we find the audience, the audience finds you.


What has been the career defining moment in your life?


When I stopped thinking about money, when I started been selective, don’t get me wrong I do run a business but now I choose what I shoot, we should not chase the money, money is a consequence of a job well done.


What’s the best and worst parts of being a full time working artist?


It’s an amazing experience been able to get paid doing what you love – it’s like a dream, but the expectations grow every shoot people expect more and more from you, you need to innovate everytime, lots of pressure.


Let your imagination run free, what would be your dreamproject?


I would love to shoot a Pirelli Calendar.



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