Be Coultique – Enzo David Pla Iriarte

Der spanische Fotograf Enzo David Pla Iriarte ist zarte 18 Jahre alt. Enzo fühlte sich schon immer mit der Kunst verbunden, er möchte den Menschen seinen Blick durch die Linse vermitteln. Für ihn ist es pure Magie nach einem Shoot die vollen Speicherkarten in den Händen zu halten.


How did you start out in photography? Do you remember your first camera?

Enzo David Pla Iriarte:

I started in May of 2013. I always liked photography but buying a camera was too expensive for me. Luckily, i found a bargain camera and i bought it. It was a Canon Eos 1000D.


Would you give a brief walk through your work flow?

Enzo David Pla Iriarte:

I always use photoshop for retouching my pictures. I try to know how i want the pictures look finally before retouching it, because it’s easier to work knowing that.

It depends of the situation, the model, the clothes, the weather, the light. The picture can have cold colors or warm colors, more or less saturation…you know. My favorite tools are Curves and Selective corrections.


What has been the biggest influence on your photography?

Enzo David Pla Iriarte:

I always knew my inspiration wouldn’t be in Spain. I like rock and metal, and this is an influence for my pictures. I like contrasted colors and shadows.

The northern-europe/american urban style is amazing. I love a lot Paris and Berlin. I’ve been in these cities and it’s like you’re breathing fashion and style. I’ve seen people there with clothes I thought i would never see. Obviously, New York has that „fashion wind“ too.


What is your dream project?

Enzo David Pla Iriarte:

I wish to live in New York, in a white flat, with big windows, working for some clothing brands and having my own studio.


I’m Coultique, because the only thing I need is my camera and my 35mm lens.


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