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Heute präsentieren wir euch in unserer Serie „Models we love“ Glynis Elisa.

Age: 23
Love or money: „Ain’t nothin‘ more important than the mula!“ Well – I prefer LOVE !!!
Favourit fashion-label: Givenchy

I started working as a model when I finished school. My first agency was SeeDS Management in Berlin. A scout asked me on the street and I was in my last year of school at this time. I decided to finish school first and after I joined them.

In general I prefer all the commercial model jobs because I can be myself. I’m not 14 anymore – not 2m tall and my weight is more than 40kg. I just love the fact that I meet so many great people in this job in such a short time and you have the opportunity to travel a lot and see amazing places around the world.

Auf welchem Titelbild würdest du dich selbst einmal gerne sehen?

Glynis Elisa:

Dazed & Confused

Wie hälst du dich körperlich und geistig in Form?

Glynis Elisa:

I just love running! I hated running in the past. But I started running seriously in New York (as you need to know NY is my favourite city ever) and during running close to the Hudson and across the Brooklyn Bridge I just felt like I can do everything! I felt so motivated and powerful. New York gave me the motivation to run and I kept it.

Welchen Tipp würdest du jemandem geben, der sich zum ersten Mal bei einem Casting vorstellt?

Glynis Elisa:

It’s funny because I have to go to a casting later – Wish me well haha 🙂 Just be yourself! Don’t think to much about it before you go and dont expect anything after. Always give your best even If you are in a bad mood and never give up even If they don’t take you 4 times in a row. Chin up – on to the next one!

height: 175cm
suite size: 36/S
bust: 87
waist: 60
hips: 91
shoes: 39
hair: dark blonde
eyes: blue

modelagency: Satory (Berlin), 4 Play (Hamburg)

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