Models we LOVE – Bettina Lösch

Heute präsentieren wir Euch in unserer Serie „Models we love“ Bettina Lösch.

Age: 27
Love or money: Hard question.Love is important for the soul but money is something that you also need in your daily live. Hard but true.
My style is most inspired by… the searching for special thinks. But my demands seam to be to high :D. So that I don´t find the special thinks in my mind. Therefore my style is mostly more simple. But I like wearing pretty thinks. For me the french women are good role models.


Describe yourself: The question of the questions… 🙂 Who I am? At first I think that I’m a good human. I’m friendly to the people around me, If a friend need the help of mine I do what I can, I’m funny and I really like to laugh. Laughing is one of best feelings you ever will feel. But I’m also a person who thinks a lot. I’m thinks a lot. I’m thinking about myself, my future and the question: „Who will I be?“


Which cover… Vogue. I think its the dream of the most Models seeing their own face at this cover. Vogue means for me style, beauty and sensuality. Being at this cover is priceless…


Best Advice for castings… Be fresh, be yourself and try to give the best you have

How I keep my body and soul in check… I´m going for Sport and I can practicing different types of Sport like Yoga or Bodypump that is a whole Bodyworkout and good and right food. I love vegetables and I really like to eat fish but sometimes you need to allow yourself a piece of chocolate 😉


height: 170 cm
suite size:
bust: 81
waist: 61
hips: 90
shoes: 37/38
hair: red/blonde
eyes: brown/green

modelagency: Fangfrisch Berlin (Website), AWA Models Hamburg (Website)


On a typical Saturday night, you can find me… often at Home and chilling but I also like to going out and meeting friends for a drink or meal, talking to them and having a good time


One thing I couldn’t live without… sweets and sport. The sweets for a good taste for one moment and the sport to feel comfortable with your body and your soul


My perfect day… that´s easy, siting in Greece on some of the beautiful beaches, with friends and family, having great greek meal, enjoy the sun and the salty and clear water

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