Love is like life but longer

Poppy de Villeneuve ist eine 32jährige Filmemacherin und Fotografin, sie stammt aus London und wohnt in New York. Sie ist die Tochter des legendären Swingin Sixties Fashionfotografen Justin de Villeneuve, der damals das britische It-Model Twiggy entdeckte.

Zu Poppy’s Clienten zählen The New York Times, The Telegraph (U.K.), Vogue Magazine etc. Ihr größtes Filmprojekt (5 Kurzfilme für The New York Times) wurden im Central Park gedreht. 2010 wurden einige ihrer Werke im Colette in Paris ausgestellt, sowie ihr Kurzfilm „Nowness“ in Pompidou Centre in Paris gezeigt.

To make a film that is not like what you have done before, you are a professional photographer. What made you decide to be a filmmaker, too?


I had always wanted to move to film eventually an my pictures have always had a narrative quality in some regard. I made the change when I felt I could dive in and had stories to tell…I feel like my photographs are a sketchbook for a bigger narrative which i can forfill through film.

What do you think are you biggest strengths as a director?


It’s often hard to recognize ones own strengths because as a creative person you tend to focus on fixing the flaws, but that said, I think my strength comes in simplicity and working with a very basic production and using available light. I also think I have an understanding of how an audience will understand ideas or stories without over stating it…

How did you develop your ideas?


I develop my ideas by keeping folders of starting points, i pull images and stories from the folders and make a sketchbook or reference board on then write a treatment. I will then with a writer where appropriate and flush out the script. I like to have as much of the film put down on paper before i begin, so that on the day improvisation can happen because the foundation has already been laid.

How did the concept of „love is like life but longer“ occur to you?


It was a collaboration between myself and the writer Simon Van Booy, we wanted to write a story set in a hotel that connected strangers, the idea that random things happen in our day to day lives and you never know what will be next. It is fantastical and super ordinary all at once.

Many thanks to you, Poppy!

Kurz zur Geschichte: Ein blinder Schriftsteller, der sich in einem noblen Hotel aufhält, trifft auf eine junge Nonne. Sanft, leise, entsteht zwischen den beiden eine besondere Beziehung. Es ist keine klassische Liebesgeschichte. Der Kurzfilm berührt und kommt ohne viele Wort aus, am besten selbst mal schauen.

„I would love to do a feature-length love story eventually,“ she says. „But I would want it to be surprising. And it would definitely involve trains and train stations!“

Directed by: Poppy de Villeneuve
Written by: Simon Van Booy
Produced by: Lisa Kjerulff
Starring: Jeremy Strong, Maya Kazan, Joan Copeland

Director of Photography: Nick Bentgen
Production Designer: Jessie Katz
Editor: Ruth Mamaril
Score: Krishna Venkatesh
Wardrobe Stylist: Sarah Mae Burton

Assistant Camera: GT Womack
Production Sound: Micah Bloomberg
Hair & Make-Up: Bridget Ritzinger
Production Assistants: Ryan Heyner, Jaime Johnson, Bailey Roberts

Post Sound: Gramercy Post
Color: DTouch

Glasses provided by Selima Opaque
Special thanks to the Perkins School for the Blind

This film was commissioned by Mondrian SoHo and Morgans Hotel Group

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