St Christopher – Be funky, be u!

St Christopher ist ein Label, dass wie vom Himmel gefallen ist, denn das AXE-Model Domenico Clores steht selbst dahinter. Er wollte zusammen mit Vincenzo seinen Stil zur Mode machen. Mit ulkigen Prints starten sie ihr Label.

What made you and Vincenzo interested in design?

Domenico Clores:

My brother Vincenzo is a designer and I have always been interested in his work. I think good design in all it’s forms is fascinating but after travelling extensively I have developed a real appreciation of street art and photography. These are two areas that definitely inspire the t-shirt designs.

How was the idea for St Christopher born and who are the members of the team?

Domenico Clores:

At the moment the team is comprised of Vinny and I. With my brother’s background in design and my experience of modelling we believed we had a strong enough knowledge base to start a clothing label. Both of us have a passion for travel, music and fashion and as it succinctly states on our website ‚Our designs are inspired by the alchemy of travel, music and life.‘ The creative process is normally as follows; we agree a concept, Vinny completes the design, we both then individually screenprint each tee in our home studio assigning them with their unique printing number.

What is your message behind St Christopher?

Domenico Clores:

If you will excuse my laziness, I think this short piece of text from our website sums up our message as well as anything;

Things have never been so easy. Accessibility is devouring itself. We are advocates of a big wide world, enhance, don’t diminish its mystique.

With unique screen-printed designs influenced and inspired by the alchemy of travel, music and life, St Christopher Clothing represents a genuine wayfaring spirit. Each continent brings a distinct charm to the collection. From the brazen wonders to the most obscure subtleties, natty Guatemalan street culture to high end Hong Kong chic.

The way the world is presented will perpetually evolve, but the way you present yourself to the world remains exclusively up to you. Look good, feel good, wear St Christopher.

‚Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.‘ – Jack Kerouac – What do you mean by that exactly? Is this statement your philosophy?

Domenico Clores:

During 2009 I was travelling in South America and I stumbled across an old copy of Jack Kerouac’s seminal book ‚On The Road‘. Kerouac’s story and style and really struck a chord with me and since then I have taken an active interest in his work. When we were first developing the concept of St Christopher it was this quote that immediately sprang to the front of my mind. It sums up a carefree, wayfaring attitude and I think it is as applicable now as it was when first penned.

Schaut er nicht gut aus unser Christian in der neuen Kollektion?

Und ihr könnt das auch, ein junges Label unterstützen, dass sich neu aufgebaut hat und frischen Wind in die viel zu trockene Modewelt bringen möchte.

An alle Hipster, hier bei uns gibt es eines dieser Shirts zu erwerben, denn St Christopher und Coultique machen es möglich.

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“Be funky, be u with!”

Be funky, be u! Das ganze Coultique-Team wünscht euch viel Erfolg!


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