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Klare Formen, wenige unterschiedliche Farben, stark reduzierte Symbolik mit Witz und Klasse – so könnte man Viktor Hertzs Poster bezeichnen. Er setzte Trends, mit seinen minimalistischen, stark reduzierten Poster. Viktor ist ein 28jährige schwedischer Illustrator und Grafikdesigner aus Uppsala und zeigt uns in den nachfolgenden Postern präzise und klar, auf was es ankommt.

Im Artikel „Movie“ könnt ihr noch mehr von Viktors Arbeiten bewundern.

When and how did you begin to see yourself as an artist?


I’m not sure if I even call myself an artist now, although I’ve had some exhibitions and sold my art. It just feels a bit odd to call yourself an artist, but maybe I’m being too humble, it just feels a bit snobby to label your occupation as ‘artist’. A local paper actually labeled me as an artist, when I had this exhibition a couple of months ago, so I do have it printed, as evidence!

I love your minimalistic posters. When do you get your best ideas?


I guess I get my best ideas when I spend time looking at different objects (and pictograms, of course). Browsing through these lists of pictograms, for example, sometimes gives me ideas for images. I usually combine or remix existing figures and shapes, making something new with it, into my own kind of art. I spend lots of time in the evenings and at night, playing around in Illustrator. When I get a good idea for an image, I just get totally focused and eager to complete it, for my very own satisfaction and amusement. It’s the best feeling, really, when things start to fall into place and you get the feeling that it’s going to be good.

What is your favorite artwork and why?


If you mean from my own artworks, I would have to pick my poster for ‘Coffee and cigarettes’, which was one of the first movie posters I made. It was also the first one to get pretty much attention on the Internet, people still write to me and want to buy it. I think it’s a pretty good description and summary of what I do; it’s very simple and minimalist, but contains some good ideas and uses negative space.

What are your plans for the future, a new project?


Too many ideas, too little time! Such a cliché, but it’s the truth, actually. I have lots of different ideas for all kinds of projects, including film, music and art. I’d love to collaborate with other people, for example, it can get pretty boring and lonely to just sit by yourself with your little laptop and pull some vectors and anchor points. I’d love to make a film, and I’d love to make some music, a whole album, sometime. I have ideas for concepts, and just need the time and the right environment to do it. I also have a few art projects that I’m working on, hoping to complete them soon and share them in some way, preferably in a big art show.

Many Thanks for the Interview, Viktor!

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