René Mambembé – Helvetica, my hero!

René Mambembé ist ein französischer Design- und Grafik-Student, der in Nantes lebt und an der L’école de design Nantes Atlantique.

How and why did you begin to be creative in this field?

René Mambembé:

First, I’m René Mambembé, a french design graphic student at L’école de design Nantes Atlantique. I’m 20 years old (live in Nantes, France ) and I’m old passionate of comics and pop culture.

Then, I chose this field because I enjoy deliver a powerful message by a graphism. I have drawn for a long time but when I discover some softwares, I started to create posters.

What is your motivation and what is your inspiration?

René Mambembé:

My inspirations are science fiction, popular culture and some facts in society and my main motivation is to make the design graphic more accessible ( like every designer I think ^^ ).

Tell us about your superhero! And what is your superpower?

René Mambembé:

About superheroes, I used a famous font : Helvetica and I chose some characters from video games, comics, movies and WWE wrestling to create a funny and minimalist alphabet. We recognize characters by colours and by particular features.

And What is my superpower ? hum hum hum… I have no superpower for the moment, maybe I will discover it in the future.

Indeed you have the power to do creative things! All the best for you and thank you!

Behance – René Mambembé

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