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Pawel Nolbert aka Hellocolor – mit Color wie bunt, kann man auch die Vielfältigkeit seiner Kreativität verbinden, denn Pawel Nolbert aus Warschau hat viele Talente. Er ist Art Director, Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Visual Artist, liebt die Fotografie, Mode und das Internet. Seit 2005 arbeitet er auch weltweit an kreativen und kommerziellen Projekten. Zu seinen Clienten zählen u. a. Mercedes Benz, Dodge, Mazda, Lego, Disney, Philipps, Nike, McDonalds, Unilever etc.

Mit Berufserfahrung im Bereich von Illustration, Grafik Design, Foto-Retusche, CGI, Web-Design & Programmierung, ist er universell kreativ. Auch hat ein breites Spektrum an nicht-kommerziellen und privaten Projekten vorzuweisen. In diversen Magazinen wie z. B. Computer Arts Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, IdN Magazine und in anderen Fachpublikationen sind seine Arbeiten zu finden. Kooperationen ging er mit namenhaften Werbeagenturen/Studios und Künstlern ein, denn er ist immer an einer guten Zusammenarbeit interessiert.

When did you take the first step into digital art with Photoshop?

Pawel Nolbert:

It was something around 2001, when I got my hands on Paint Shop Pro 6 & started creating some desktop wallpapers. Shortly after that Photoshop 5 was introduced to me & it blew my mind. However, the real journey to digital art began when I joined DeviantArt community in 2002 ( & saw the power of interacting with other creatives & artists from around the world. It drove me to create & experiment more & I met many friends there. It was the beginning of the road from Digital art to commercial adventures…

RAF Simons Yellow Astronaut

Do you have a favorite work of art?

Pawel Nolbert:

It’s hard to pick one but if I had to, I’d probably choose from the work of Zdzislaw Beksinski

Rick Owens Anthem Contrasting Lace-Up Sneaker

What is your motivation and what is your inspiration?

Pawel Nolbert:

My motivation are open minded people that I work with. It’s also the appreciation of my work. As for the inspiration – it comes from all the little, random, unpredictable things & events in life. Sometimes it’s also something that pisses me off, because it’s always a strong impulse.

Common Projects S/S10 Achilles

New Balance 1500

Up to what point do your designs reflect your personality?

Pawel Nolbert:

As far as art is considered, I’ve always been more of a realist & a more of a technic than organic kind of guy. Therefore, I often tend to put too much attention to sometimes ridiculous details & for the technical perfection. I’m also a little introverted type of personality (maybe now less than before, thanks to Facebook) & I know a lot of people of my profile with that type of personality. I think it helps you get better at what you do, work harder to get what you planned & get connected to what you do at a deeper level.

Bei seinem Projekts Sneakercub trifft die Liebe für Sneakers mit Graphic Design zusammen. Sneakercube ist ein fortlaufender Design-Projekt, wo Turnschuhe zu Würfel geformt werden.

Neil Barrett A/W10 Quilted Tweed Sneaker

Sneakercub is your ongoing design project. How is the idea born?

Pawel Nolbert:

As a fashion appreciator, I follow a large number of menswear, footwear & in general fashion blogs. Then one weekend I was bored & browsing through some menswear news, I stumbled upon that yellow Raf Simons „Astronaut“ sneakers. Then I instantly dropped that image to my already big directory of the sneakers I liked. At the same time I thought, that being interested in sneakers & having some knowledge about it is not enough. Of course the first spark in my head was to simply draw some sneakers, but somehow I simplified it even more & what would there be more simple than a regular cube? I then did some sketches & I knew I’ll have a new exciting thing to do.The first three cubes actually were born in the late 2010, but at the time my new portfolio site appeared on the horizon & I decided to release it all together, so it waited for over a year!

Trussardi 1911 S/S10 CAMO Sneaker

VANS Mid Skool 77 CA

Many thanks to Pawel!

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