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Egal ob Amy Winehouse, Prinzessin Leia, MacGyver oder Marge Simpson, wir würden sie schon weitem an ihrer Frisur erkenne. Stellt euch doch einmal Marge Simpson mit einem Bob vor, das wäre doch nicht unsere Marge!

Patricia Povoa, geb. 1981 in Lissabon, Portugal ist Grafik-Designerin und arbeitet heute als Freelancer für Projekte in Portugal, London und Brasilien. Sie studierte Touristik und anschließend 2008 Grafik Design und besuchte Advanced Photoshop Workshops, um ihre Kenntnisse stets zu erweitern.

What was the first ad or artwork that inspired you?

Patrícia Póvoa:

Probably 90’s Benetton controversial ads and 60’s and 70’s movie poster artwork.

Can you please outline your creative background?

Patrícia Póvoa:

My creative background is probably different from most designers. I kind of ignored my mother’s genes and went to Tourism and Hotel Management College (where I spent more time creating graphic presentations of school projects than actually caring about the theme), worked in a lot of coffee shops and finally realized I always wanted to go to Art School. I did a small course in Graphic Design and finally I was happy. From comics, to vintage flea markets, Bauhaus minimal geometric illustrations, hours of Seinfeld and bus trips at the sound of Belle & Sebastian, I think this is the result.

You used the program Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Which one do you like most?

Patricia Povoa:

I love to work with Illustrator and polish or destroy the artwork in Photoshop.

How important is always learning?

Patrícia Póvoa:

Essential, for your work and life.

What is your favorite artwork and why?

Patrícia Póvoa:

I never can pick a winner, it’s impossible! Something between Saul Bass, Sagmeister, Iso 50 and Bauhaus!

Thank you very much, Pat!


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