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Alex nennt sich Alex myHOTJuly, er ist 25 Jahre alt und kommt aus Rumänien. Er hat sich auf Grafik Design spezialisiert und arbeitet auch im Bereich Video und Fotografie.

Ein Unternehmens-/Marken-Logo sollte prägnant sein, einen Wiedererkennungswert haben und man sollte das Unternehmen leicht identifizieren können. Hier „spielt“ Alex aus einer anderen Sichtweise. Dieses persönliche Projekt, dass er an Coultique geschickt hat, gefällt und sollte unbedingt vorgestellt werden.

„Even if a brand is trying hard to express his core values and identity through a logo , there will be always another side that we see, as a customer, based on our experiences and visions. I tried to „undress“ some famous brands in this personal project made just for fun. I hope you will appreciate not only my Photoshop skills.“

How and why did you begin to be creative?


Back in 2008, I bought my first DSLR camera and I started shooting and playing in Photoshop. Later, being really passionate about branding, I began to design logos. I’ve always been interested in art, so I felt the need to express my ideas and share my creativity.

What is your specialty?


I have a Master degree in Management, but I’ve always been attracted by the creative part of economics (branding, advertising), that’s why I’m focused on creating corporate identities (logos and graphic design).

Is creativity an act of rebellion for you?


Definitely. It’s the best way to express myself without any boundaries, except when I work on a project for a client and I have a brief to follow.

What are you working on now?


I started Naked Brands 2 and I hope it’s going to be a better project than the previous one. I’m also working on some videos trying to improve myself as a film-maker.

Thanks, Alex for the little Interview and we will show the Naked Brands 2 in Coultique, too.

Alex on twitter @myhotjuly
Alex on behance:

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