The Art of Desserts! Im Interview mit Künstlerin Camila Valdez

Die Produktdesignerin, Skulpteurin und Künstlerin Camila Valdez verleiht dem Wort „Eyecandy“ eine neue Bedeutung. Sie kreiert sagenhafte hyperrealistische sogenannte „leggy dessert“-Skulpturen, sowohl in Kleinformat, als auch in menschlicher Größe.

Please tell us more about your background and what made you become an artist?

Camila Valdez:

I’ve always considered myself as an artist, because that was the name of the group of people that did something with their hands that was not a “regular” job! Since I was little, I’ve been interested in expressing myself through things I could modify or create. From a drawing to a piece of clay. Later on, I’ve studied Industrial Design as a career, which gave me a full platform of knowledge in materials, industrial procedures, and all the how’s and why’s about everyday products of our everyday life. It also gave me an insight about what kind of messages objects portray within their specific use of materials, shapes, colors, in other words, information.

When I graduated, I felt that there was something missing besides being full of knowledge thanks to that beautiful and interesting career. In my case, I felt the need to create artworks, with this things that I now know how were made, (and what they meant) so I mixed my artistic point of view about everyday objects, with industrial design techniques to create a new type of art that is very related to our known object -related point of view and social esthetic choices, but yet, it’s just art!

Could you tell us some more about your work?

Camila Valdez:

I could say that it’s a very interesting thing to feel that with art you can bring to life ideas in your mind. Not only with art, but in my case, it’s my way of expression. I am always feeling that the objects around us, express feelings to me, like for example, a beautiful cupcake, it is saying c’mon, take me (over another cupcake that may not be so good looking) this meaning that shapes, colors and surfaces, express concepts that after all, end up entering our mind as desire.

The thin line between message and action is a very interesting subject to me.

And lately I’ve been working on including “ language “ into my works , soon you will be seeing more because it got selected in a very important contest here in Argentina. I cannot say a word… ha! Keep in touch through my webpage and social media to know more about it all!

How do you keep yourself motivated and your work creative, inspiring and fresh?

Camila Valdez:

I am always looking to the ways that society and individuals express themselves, as fashion, what they eat, everyday choices, that keeps me motivated. I am always looking to set my artwork platform into the “today’s realm” which gives me tools and ways of expression that I may have not even imagined. That is the definition of freshness, every morning is today! And creativity is just keeping it together, and expressing the after all result that my mind in this case processes through those *chosen* filters 🙂

Your most famous pieces are leggy cupcakes, flamboyant donuts and giant ice creams bars. What is the one piece that you are most proud of?

Camila Valdez:

Don’t tell the others, because they get very jealous, but the one that I am most proud of, is the one that came first into my mind. The giant Ice Cream Bar with legs, named Bombona XL.

I find my creation immersed in an universe of possibilities. If Bombona XL exists, there must be a Miss Donut, and if the two of them exists, somewhere there must be a Miss Popcorn, so they keep on growing in concept and availability within human creation and desire!

Any quotes you live by?

Camila Valdez:

Message comes along materiality. Materiality comes along message. Every creation means and carries intention.

The matter is the matter. – And forever will be???

Imagination is mankind’s infinite.

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