Oriol Angrill Jordà

Oriol Angrill Jordà wurde am 19.11.1986 in Barcelona, Spanien geboren, er studierte in Palma de Mallorca Illustration und lebt auch heute auf der spanischen Mittelmeerinsel.

Er hat auch in London gelebt, wo er seine Fähigkeiten durch einen Kurs über Druckgrafik an der Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design sowie mit Aktzeichnen an der Kunstakademie ausbaute.

Er versteht es egal mit welchen Techniken, ob Pastell, Aquarelle, Buntstift, weißen Bleistift auf schwarzem Cansonpapier (Fine-Art-Papier), Acryl, Graphit oder Kohle seine persönlichen Stil in einem realistisch wirkenden Kunstwerk wiederzugeben.

Bereits im Alter von 12 Jahren interessierte er sich insbesondere für seinen Kunstunterricht.


How did you become interested in the arts? Was there anything that stands out as a pivotal moment that helped shape who you are today as a painter?

Oriol Angrill Jordà:

When I was a kid I drew by my own rarely, as any child. It wasn’t anything special to me. I was interested in scant stuffs then. But I kept drawing when I was really bored at class. Copying my classmates or anything that had around. Some stormy and confusing years later, I became really interested on arts during illustration studies (honestly, chosen to fill my cv, because I wasn’t sure at all). I met there a really awesome people who really motivated me. After those years, I decided to dedicate my whole time to the Arts.


How did your style develop?

Oriol Angrill Jordà:

I don’t think I’d reached any style yet. I’m actually feeling more comfortable on my works, but I still have a lot to find out.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? What influences you and your work?

Oriol Angrill Jordà:

I do like to visit blogs, mag-sites, tumblr or any web I can easily watch images and I like to select the ones I love it. I share them on my tumblr and pinterest. We are lucky to live in internet time to share instantly.


What is your philosophy of life?

Oriol Angrill Jordà:

Become what you need to believe in, feel peacefully with what you have chosen and do not blame others.


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