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Die Künstlerin Maruka Caleis kommt aus La Coruña, einer Stadt im Nordwesten von Spanien. Sie vereint Kunst mit Mode, bringt Grafik-Design in Komination mit Art-Deco-Motiven so, dass Modernität auf Nostalgie trifft.

Sie spielt mit avantgardistischen Komponenten fügt feinen Linien, Texturen und Radierungen hinzu und lässt Text und Typografie in gekonnter Weise miteinfließen. So bekommen ihre Kunstwerke ihren unverkennbaren Stil.

Maruka Caleis hat das Gefühl für Design, Farbe und Details und legt großen Wert darauf, dass ihre Arbeiten bis auf das i-Pünktchen perfekt sind. Anspruchsvoll sind ihre künstlerischen Werke, sie versteht es, uns in die Bilder – grafische Meisterwerke handmade – eintauchen zu lassen.


When your interest for digital art and illustration began?

Maruka Caleis:

I´ve been interested in drawing since I can remember.. I won my first contest at age of five! my parents have always encouraged my interest in beauty and aesthetic, they were very creative people, with a very special and defined taste in Arts and Design.

I grew up loving the work of great illustrators like Norman Rockwell, Gruau, Leyendecker, Isao Yajima .. but my particular interest in digital art and contemporary illustration came after a moment of vital catharsis, about three years ago.


Please tell us more about your art and design background and what made you become an artist and designer?

Maruka Caleis:

I wanted to study Fine Arts since when I was small, but I was trained in Law and spent lot of years without picking up a pencil. I thought it was too late to think about a creative career, but my interest in transpersonal psychology and active meditation took me back to drawing. Now it has become essential part of my life.


How did your style develop? Your work is full of creativity. Where does your inspiration come from? What influences you and your work?

Maruka Caleis:

I like to think my style is definitive yet to come, I feel I need to evolve more to achieve a style “ very me“. I want to develop a a stylized figuration full of references of all that inspires my particular universe. Fashion, interior Design, avant-garde Art, Art decó…are some of the themes and languages usually found in the illustrations. My works are hand-made with many materials: pencils, watercolors and paper cuts, an amalgam of techniques that allow you to identify different textures and volumes. In fact, each picture element has a protagonist who gives strength to the composition.. they are graphical pieces where nostalgic and contemporary experience are encouraging playful and full of twists.


What are your plans for the future?

Maruka Caleis:

The truth is that I used the illustration to recover an essential welfare, and every time I realized that I was taking me for more ambitious and egocentric interests, or when I have been overwhelmed by the tough competition of this world, I have felt that it is not my way and needed to stop. Definitely I do not want that to influence me .. I take the artistic facet without pressure, and I do not think in goals as an exhibition, a big collaboration or a special editorial, I focus on living the dream of creating with my hands again. What I´ll get above it will be welcome, of course, but with no pretense, just enjoying the journey, evolution and process.



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